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Ruby Red with Osmanthus Flowers

The incredibly fragrant Osmanthus flower is our first selection to introduce our flower tea collection. We wanted to create single flavored flower teas that would only use flowers from secret gardens surrounding the stunning Sun Moon Lake. Noting that most flavored teas tend to use chemicals to enhance flavor and at times mix too many flavors together, we focused on keeping it simple. 

First we had to pair the flower with a suitable tea that would support its fragrance and flavor. Many flavored tea makers would mix their flowers with cheap tea, just enough to give the flower fragrance a body. We went a step further and paired our Osmanthus with the unique flavor of our Roasted Ruby red black tea. The sweet, fragrant full body of this pairing tells the story.

The roasted tea is ground to fit the size of the flowers. The tea is then mixed with the fresh flowers for a day, Then, carefully by hand, the flowers are removed and replaced by another batch of Osmanthus. This process goes on for several days. When the final infusion is finished, we reroast the tea to dry it further in order to keep a longer shelf life. You can enjoy this tea for a very long time.

It is extremely rare to find pure osmanthus flower tea and as far as we know, no one pairs the flower with roasted black tea. The stunning yellow osmanthus flowers in Taiwan are picked in the autumn. This tea is really one of a kind. Enjoy!


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