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Oolong Tea (Mild Roast)

Mild Roast High Mountain Oolong Tea from Taihoku Tea Company is a delicately roasted, single origin oolong tea picked in the high mountains of Taiwan, and roasted by Taihoku's master roaster. This tea is particularly aromatic and very light on the tongue, almost like drinking a cloud. Perfect to sip on a quiet afternoon while gazing at something beautiful.

The artwork on this tea's packaging features a Taiwan leopard cat (Felis bengalensis chinensis) an endangered and small wild cat that is native to Taiwan and other parts of South and East Asia.

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Brewing Instructions

Step 1: Add enough tea leaves to cover the bottom of your tea pot.
Step 2: Pour in your hot water directly off the boil.
Step 3: Steep your tea for 1-5 mins depending on your preferred strength.