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Oolong Tea (Medium Roast)

Medium Roast High Mountain Oolong Tea from Taihoku Tea Company is a twice roasted oolong tea that is harvested from select farms in the high mountains of Taiwan, and then roasted by Taihoku's master roaster. This tea has a little more body than its sister, the Mild Roast High Mountain Oolong. They both come from the same farm, but the roasting process differs. A little more body, but just as much aroma.

The artwork on this tea's packaging features a Formosan Blue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea) or "Long-tailed Lady", a species of bird that is the national bird of Taiwan.

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Brewing Instructions

Step 1: Add enough tea leaves to cover the bottom of your tea pot.
Step 2: Pour in your hot water directly off the boil.
Step 3: Steep your tea for 1-5 mins depending on your preferred strength.