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Sweet Ice Tea (oolong blend)

Sweet Ice Tea from Taihoku Tea Company is a naturally sweet blend of oolong teas picked from selected farms in Taiwan, and blended by Taihoku's master roaster. This oolong tea is a blend from two different Taiwan tea farms, one originating in the east of Taiwan, and the other originating in the west.  The farm in the east sits at a higher elevation, with less sunlight, creating a more aromatic punch. The farm in the west receives more sunlight, giving its oolong tea more body. To make our Sweet Ice Tea we first roast each oolong tea separately, then combine them and roast again. Getting the right blend was a long process but the results are fascinating!

Enjoy this tea chilled, on a hot day, with or without lemon.

The artwork on this tea's packaging features a Formosan Rock Macaque (Macaca Cylopsis), a species of monkey that is native to Taiwan.

Summer is Coming! 🏖 🌴 🥥

Last summer, as we were gathering tea leaves in the sweltering heat of Taiwan, our go-to drink of course was our Taihoku Sweet Ice Tea. But it didn't seem to hydrate quite enough. So, we topped off half a glass of our Ice Tea with our local coconut water. The results were unbelievable. And so as Summer approaches, and you need a refreshing drink to liven up your barbecue, try out our Coco Iced Tea recipe. If you're really adventurous, throw in a splash of white rum.

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Brewing Instructions

Step 1: Add enough tea leaves to cover the bottom of your tea pot.
Step 2: Pour in your hot water directly off the boil.
Step 3: Steep your tea for 1-5 mins depending on your preferred strength.